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[04 Sep 2014|10:37am]

Hi I'm here today cause I'm looking for a roleplay partner hell maybe Even more for a group chat. I'm up for any roleplays like incest loli hardcore rape inflammation farts etc. I'm taking in and male and female that I see fit to no limits. I honestly have no limits so I'm down for everything. You want vore? You got it I'm flexible I am male but I can play as female. Also I want a longterm roleplay I don't want any one liners I want 3 lines to a paragraph or two. Also I want to stick with the story so if we have a plot and a story line we keep it on. I don't want sex every 75 thousand hours I want it a little mood of it then move on in life. If we are playing a life roleplay you better be good I don't want one liners in ever post. I can do mxm mxf fxf also my favorite fetishes are tentical rape um incest. Normal rape. Becoming a slave turning to a slut abuse impregnating girls and loli girls and having skunks and milf skunks. Also I accept futa and herm so no problem with that also i dont bore me if it gets boring then ill literally tell you that you bore me. If you're new to roleplaying it'll be cool to help you get the basics of it. I'm into adventure action romance and fantasy. We can do a highschool roleplay if you want to I'm down for it. And don't worry I don't do dirty only I can do clean to I find it better anyway since its longer and funer welp see ya

Kik xian305

[19 Sep 2011|12:24am]

There's a new community here on LJ to supply all your forced sex fantasies!
We're just starting out but it's going to be updated regularly.
Cum on in and have some fun!

hello [17 Nov 2010|11:46pm]

HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!

SFW - Stoya's first porn [25 Sep 2008|07:09pm]

But sexy times....

By the way, the girl in this clip is Stoya, whom i guess is kind of a famous now: Stoya's myspace.

In this video, which was shot in InnerPartySystem's basement, Stoya (the star) is getting eaten out by her boyfriend.

From what i understand, Stoya wanted to do porn and so this was her first video... after the director shot this in IPS's basement she went away and became some big porn star. she's even starring in this huge production porn that's a remake of Pirates of the Carribean:


Capitol Punishment is October 12 @ 1223 in Washington, DC! [21 Sep 2008|11:18pm]



[24 Feb 2008|07:43pm]

wandered in on this community quite by chance. Been looking around. Nice stuff you got here.

About myself,I am female and just finally embracing facets of myself rather than "hiding" so to speak.

My all-time favorite fantasy is to make love to a bruised and bleeding angel chained up in my basement,and lick the blood of his now bloodied and battered snowy white wings.
I am currently obsessed with the fantasy of making slow, torturously lingering love to a "Victorian goth" type who is wearing nothing but a top hat knee high boots ,chained up and postwhipping and bleeding all over me

Addictions include corsets,handcuffs,goth/alt guys,dead white skin and long black lustrous hair ; jedi pants and boots and normal boots...weird i know,i cant help it

phone sex for ladies [07 Feb 2007|10:45am]
ladies call me at home for nasty phone sex free, call 405-615-4214 24/7 jon

Newbie [28 Mar 2006|08:08pm]

hello dolls, im new here to this community,.. I thought i should stop by and say hi & let you guys now a bit about me =)!!!

Hmmm, what is there to say about me? My name is Danielle, Missi Von Ripper as my alias name =)...I listen to a lot of music, i will practically listen to any type of music as long as its not rap or country, but my favorite is old punk, psychobilly punk, industrial rock, & metal!!! I love music, its pretty much my life.... Im a pisces, I like loads of fun and im a big party freak, & i'm probably hornier than your boyfriend, and i have a very perverted sense of humor, teehee.... Im usually told that i dont act my age which is very true :p, im pretty immature... I really like to go to shows with friends and just be an all out crazy fuck, ... Im also into the 50's and Marilyn Monroe, i love old cars, tattoos, and piercings... I have an obsession with Corsets, Highheals, & horror films & I also do a little retro modeling, im trying to get a good photographer soon & maybe get some of my work out there...

Image hosting by Photobucket

if you would like to add me to livejournal that would be rad =), i looking forward to being part of this community =)

Stage Fright [19 Jan 2006|11:03pm]

Lane stood in the wings watching as he cleared the stage of the last pieces of sound equipment. His body moved easily and smoothly under his clothes, his muscles flexing and releasing as he shifted speakers onto the dolly. He straightened up with a sigh, and stretched his back, making her fingers ache to touch him.

From the first day, when his laughing blue eyes had flicked over her, and his smile had welcomed her into her new job, she was lost. A love for all things theatrical lay buried under years of shyness, but the impulse to be near the bright lights had made her take the job as stage manager. She felt a secret thrill every time she stepped across the stage, even if it were just to adjust a piece of scenery.

She almost groaned as he bent over one last time. His strong thighs pressed tightly against his dark pants, and his butt flexed perfectly as he stood with the last speaker in his arms. She stifled a sigh, and he glanced toward the wings where she stood, hidden in the shadows. Chris couldn't have known that she was still there. Her shift had ended at midnight, but she couldn't resist watching him and dreaming about his hands picking her up and holding her tightly in his embrace. Her face was warm, hot even, with the intense desire he invoked in her. Lane pressed her cold hands to her cheeks, trying to cool herself down. She had a long drive home ahead of her, and she knew it was time to go.

Click here for moreCollapse )

Hello Everyone. [15 Jan 2006|09:22pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I just recently re-joined livejournal after a long hiatus. My name is Angela and I live in New York. I'm 21 years old. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories sometimes with a sexual focus. My ultimate fantasy would be having someone paint me and then made love to on white sheets. My fetishes include voyuerism, blade, exhibitionism, submission, bondage and many many more.



Hello :) [08 Jan 2006|04:53pm]

Well, about me... uhm. Well, I'm happy to find a community that supports us younger users (14) and I have found something I am quite interested in lol.

I've always liked bigger guys, and I've never liked a skinny guy. My friends noticed this and poked fun at me, and then I learned about what fetishes were and decided that's probably what it is lol.

I'm only just really getting comfortable with it, and it's kind of hard to talk about it with people cause I don't want them to think I'm gross or something. But I actually have a few friends that have confessed to me that they feel the same way.

And it kind of upsets me when guys think they're fat and people make being fat sound bad, cause it's not (to me) because I like bigger guys. And I don't want like... some lame stereo type to come up and make it so there's no more big guys! lol.

And theres this one guy *points to avatar* That I wish was bigger, and my friends that also like him (Tre Cool) thinks he's fine the way he is and I only want to make him fat. Well... that's kind of true, but still. He looks WAY better. I even had a dream about it, but you may not want to hear that lol.

It sounds stupid and maybe you think this is a joke or something, cause I'm young and all, but it's true.

Well I'm happy to join :)

[04 Dec 2005|01:26pm]

final layout will be put up by next week.

sorry for the dely and yes i know, this temp one looks like SHIT.
sorry ^_^

community maintainer. [11 Nov 2005|09:23pm]

[ mood | cold ]

This is me: You guys have never seen me and or even heard of my fetishes and or fantasies... AND U AINT! Cause I say so. But you do deserve to at least see a damn picture.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My picsCollapse )

All About me... [10 Nov 2005|10:25pm]

[ mood | horny ]

I apologize for not doing this much sooner. I have not been able to keep up with live journal as much as I was hoping beucase I am involved in so many things but I am interested in this community! And as stated in your rules you requirre a bio and info about me, and my fetishes etc so here goes:

I am a very sexually driven scorpio woman (who is turning 26 next week). My whole life is based around sex and sexuality as I want to become a sex therapist. I have a sex column that I write for the sexuality and I have a small spot on a radio show as well called "campus kiss". I am just finishing my thesis right now and I studied women intimate sexuality in public spaces. In my personal life I am into kink and the gothic lifestyle. I occasionally model. Below is one recent shoot taken with a friend. I am the top in this picture.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com (I don't knopw how to resize, sorry for the big pic).

In my personal life I have a fetish for feminizing men. (But not drag queens or trannys-thought they are my friends I just am not sexually attracted to them). I like femme boys, men in makeup who are usually in the gothic/punk style. I like all kinds of women. I am also into androgyny and different kinds of kink like bondage, life SM etc.

If there is anything else you want to know then let me know! I will post some erotica/poetry sometime soon when I get a chance.

Nice to meet you all!

ps- tremere is this what you were looking for?


Community maintainer [10 Nov 2005|06:33pm]


Run desire run
Sexual being
Run him like a blade
To and through the heart
No conscience
One Motive
Cater to the hollow

Screaming feed me here
Fill me up again
Temporarily pacify this hungering
So grow
Libido throw
Dominoes of indiscretions down
Falling all around
In cycles
In circles
Constantly consuming
Conquer and devour

Cause it's time to bring the fire down
Bridle all this indiscretion
Long enough to edify
And permanently fill this hollow

( feed me here
Fill me up again
Temporarily pacifying 2x)

[03 Nov 2005|07:47pm]


I haven't forgotten about you, my dears.
New layout soon.


[26 Oct 2005|06:59am]

Workin on it.

does anyone know [22 Oct 2005|04:33pm]

if your ears popping is bad when doing breath control?


[15 Oct 2005|12:39pm]


Love, the Graphics Mod

community maintainer. [14 Oct 2005|03:26pm]


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