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All About me...

I apologize for not doing this much sooner. I have not been able to keep up with live journal as much as I was hoping beucase I am involved in so many things but I am interested in this community! And as stated in your rules you requirre a bio and info about me, and my fetishes etc so here goes:

I am a very sexually driven scorpio woman (who is turning 26 next week). My whole life is based around sex and sexuality as I want to become a sex therapist. I have a sex column that I write for the sexuality and I have a small spot on a radio show as well called "campus kiss". I am just finishing my thesis right now and I studied women intimate sexuality in public spaces. In my personal life I am into kink and the gothic lifestyle. I occasionally model. Below is one recent shoot taken with a friend. I am the top in this picture.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com (I don't knopw how to resize, sorry for the big pic).

In my personal life I have a fetish for feminizing men. (But not drag queens or trannys-thought they are my friends I just am not sexually attracted to them). I like femme boys, men in makeup who are usually in the gothic/punk style. I like all kinds of women. I am also into androgyny and different kinds of kink like bondage, life SM etc.

If there is anything else you want to know then let me know! I will post some erotica/poetry sometime soon when I get a chance.

Nice to meet you all!

ps- tremere is this what you were looking for?
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