Chunky Tre is loooooove. (idontcare_doyou) wrote in pure_addiction,
Chunky Tre is loooooove.

Hello :)

Well, about me... uhm. Well, I'm happy to find a community that supports us younger users (14) and I have found something I am quite interested in lol.

I've always liked bigger guys, and I've never liked a skinny guy. My friends noticed this and poked fun at me, and then I learned about what fetishes were and decided that's probably what it is lol.

I'm only just really getting comfortable with it, and it's kind of hard to talk about it with people cause I don't want them to think I'm gross or something. But I actually have a few friends that have confessed to me that they feel the same way.

And it kind of upsets me when guys think they're fat and people make being fat sound bad, cause it's not (to me) because I like bigger guys. And I don't want like... some lame stereo type to come up and make it so there's no more big guys! lol.

And theres this one guy *points to avatar* That I wish was bigger, and my friends that also like him (Tre Cool) thinks he's fine the way he is and I only want to make him fat. Well... that's kind of true, but still. He looks WAY better. I even had a dream about it, but you may not want to hear that lol.

It sounds stupid and maybe you think this is a joke or something, cause I'm young and all, but it's true.

Well I'm happy to join :)
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